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How to change

There are few things that inspire so much that you actually feel motivated to do about himself or anything in its immediate vicinity. One such thing that really inspires me iswhen I think of something all by himself. Sounds strange huh? What I mean is simplythat people who have been around her can of course for years to come up with ideason how to do things or how to change his mind or whatever behavior you have. Are theyinspiring? Maybe. For the most part seem so just go through one ear and unfortunatelyout again through the other ear. But what should then happen for people to feel that you really want to change anything? Well, that which we call an aha experience! Then theonly question, how do you achieve this? It's the big problem for everybody is differentand I can say that what happens to me and makes me really take in anything isindefinable. So, I really do not know what it is. A thought which says otherwise.Something I read that do not have anything to do makes me think about somehow and change me. Strange but it happens sometimes!